Welcome to AIR Section!

A quality and free test, meant to guage self preparedness!

Maximum Time

20 Minutes

Most of us during our student life in 1980s, 1990s, 2000s had felt shortage of not only quality study materials but also of quality test series/ papers. As lack of quality study material hampers proper preparation, similarly shortage of quality test papers, leads to poor assessment of one’s preparation. Keeping these aspects in view, we have decided to focus not only quality study materials but have also designed quality test series as biometric of one’s assessment of preparation.

There is another good reason for focusing on quality test series: A topper in one section, might not know his/ her overall position in the school, leave a city, state or country. And there is a dictum – What can’t be measured, cannot be changed for better! Hence, focus on test series for proper self introspection.

Our test series, with pan India participation means better chance to glimpse Indian rankings. Further, analysis of strength and weakness areas, may help you decide your stream. So, don’t wait, and click the “start the simulation link”!